The ECI Institute is the leading professional body for Early Contractor Involvement. We help to establish excellence in ECI projects to improve the way early collaboration between infrastructure owners and contractors  works. 

We provide globally recognized training, publish research and thought leadership and set professional guidelines, which define the knowledge, skills and behaviours today's ECI professionals need to meet the demands of an increasingly complex and challenging business environment. 

ECI operates at the forefront of guideline development, investing heavily in improvement of standards and creates awareness within the industry on effective ways how to approach ECI projects.

Our vision

Our vision is to broaden the way infrastructure works are developed by combining public/private investor's requirements and contractor experience.

It is our goal to be a leading force of ECI management solutions through innovation and by: 

  • Creating a knowledge centre
  • Tailoring consultancy and management services
  • Providing the sector a neutral party to fill the gaps that currently exist for entities wanting to embrace these new forms of collaboration

Our mission is to develop and champion policies that foster Early Contractor Involvement by becoming an acknowledged leader and preferred partner for our clients. We anable them to excel in their early contractor involvements by offering:

  • Supervision of traineeships & dual learning
  • Knowlegde interactions
  • Consultancy
  • Tailored management services